About Us

About Counsel Capital

No longer will you have to wait months for your hard-earned payment from that court-appointed indigent case.

Formed by attorneys who understand the nuances of running a law office and the need for a consistent cash flow, Counsel Capital solves a long-standing problem for defense attorneys in the industry. Through a financing solution based on factoring, we can help you instantly collect fees that you have already earned from indigent cases and legal work from federal, state, or local municipalities.

By partnering with us, you can receive up to 80% of your total fees right away without having to wait for a payment voucher that may or may not come soon. The remainder of your balance will be forwarded to you – minus our small service fee – after we collect the payment from the government. Counsel Capital takes the waiting game out of the process and gives you the freedom to enjoy the benefits of a more consistent cash flow now.